About Us


Whether in times of great financial uncertainty or times of economic prosperity, the Conner & Associates team is committed to establishing financial security for our clients.

Offering a variety of personalized services coupled with years of experience handling complicated tax situations, Conner & Associates has become a leader in offering expert accounting and tax counseling to high net worth clients.

Our highly trained and experienced accountants, many of whom come from top accounting firms including Ernst & Young, are experienced at helping our clients understand, assess, and navigate the increasing risks and uncertainty in today’s financial markets. The solutions we recommend are crafted to address each client’s unique and specific situation, no matter how complex it might be.

At Conner & Associates, our firm is committed to delivering complete satisfaction by understanding every aspect of our clients’ financial world. It’s this attention to detail and a commitment to service excellence that separates Conner & Associates from the pack. It’s what allows us to help our clients to reduce risk and maximize their today’s financial opportunities, while planning for the future to help them preserve their wealth for future generations.

Dozens of high net worth individuals, families, and small businesses trust their taxes and accounting with Conner & Associates. We welcome the opportunity to show you why.